Map Blogs

Blog Author Status
Adventures in Mapping John Nelson Active
Andy Woodruff Andy Woodruff Last post 2018
All Over the Map Betsy Mason & Greg Miller Offline
Atlas of Ice and Fire Adam Whitehead Last post 2017
Bostonography Andy Woodruff & Tim Wallace Last post 2019
Cartastrophe Daniel Huffman Offline
Cartoblography Kenneth Field Active
Cartonerd Kenneth Field Ended 2021
Cartophilia Jamie McQuinn Offline
La Cartoteca Alejandro Polanco Ended 2020
Collecting Antique and Vintage Globes Kyle Active
Comic Cartography Aaron King Last post 2018
Digital Geography Various Last post 2021
Fuck Yeah Cartography!  Anonymous Last post 2021
Google Earth Blog F. Taylor, T. Whitehead & M. Mellen Last post 2021
Google Earth Design Richard Treves Last post 2018
Graphicarto Mike Foster Last post 2016
ICA Commission on Planetary Cartography Various Active
Lat × Long Oliver Roick Active
Making Maps John Krygier Last post 2021
Map Dragons Betsy Mason & Greg Miller Last post 2021
MapFail Anonymous Active
Map of the Week Dug Active
The Map Room Jonathan Crowe Active
Mappery Various Active
Mapping as Process Matthew Edney Active
Mapping London Ollie O’Brien & James Cheshire Active
Mapping Mashups Alan McConchie Active
Mapping Vermont Charlie Hofmann Last post 2021
Maps and the City Marleen Smit Offline
Maps on the Web Anonymous Active
Maps Mania Keir Clarke Active
Maptitude Anonymous Last post 2020
Michal Migurski Michal Migurski Last post 2019
Moriarty Naps Dylan Moriarty Active
North Carolina Map Blog William P. Cumming Map Society Active
Ogle Earth Stefan Geens Last post 2021
Open Geography Jeremy Crampton Last post 2020
Something About Maps Daniel Huffman Active James Cheshire Offline
Strange Maps Frank Jacobs Active
Transit Maps Cameron Booth Active
Vanshnookenraggen Andrew Lynch Active


Podcast Author(s) Status
The Geoholics Podcast Kent Groh & Sean Fabor Active
The Geomob Podcast Ed Freyfogle & Steven Feldman Active
Map Corner Active
Very Expensive Maps Evan Applegate Active
A Very Spatial Podcast Active

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