The Map Room is a blog about maps that covers everything from antique map collecting to the latest in geospatial technology.

“One of the finest map blogs on the Internet.”
—Mike Parker, Map Addict (2009)

It was started by Jonathan Crowe in March 2003 as an exercise in self-education. He wasn’t a map expert—he didn’t even own a GPS receiver until 2008—but liked them all the same, and thought blogging about them would be a good way to learn more. Now, more than a decade later, people insist on calling him a map expert, to his continuing befuddlement.

The Map Room ran for more than eight years—between March 2003 and June 2011—and amassed more than four thousand posts before Jonathan wrapped it up in June 2011. After a four-and-a-half-year hiatus, Jonathan brought it back in January 2016.

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About the Author

Jonathan CroweJonathan Crowe blogs about maps at The Map Room and reviews Canadian science fiction for AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review. His essays have appeared in The New York Review of Science Fiction and the Ottawa Citizen. His sf fanzine, Ecdysis, was a two-time finalist for the Aurora Award.

His other web projects include DFL, a blog about last-place finishes at the Olympics that made him world famous for 15 minutes in 2004, and Gartersnake.info, a website for garter snake keepers.

Jonathan has been interviewed or profiled by Agence France-Presse, the BBC World Service, the Boston Globe, CBC Newsworld, CTV Newsnet, Folha de São Paolo, the Hamilton Spectator, the National Post, the Ottawa Sun, Reuters, RTÉ, Sports Illustrated, the Toronto Star and the West Quebec Post, among others. He has also appeared as a panelist and presenter at science fiction conventions like Can-Con, Readercon and SFContario.

A former political operative, history graduate student, civil servant, small-town newspaper reporter and snake breeder, Jonathan lives in Shawville, Quebec, with his wife, Jennifer Seely, their three cats, and an uncomfortable number of snakes, on a property that has been described as “living in an Enid Blyton novel.”

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