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I post new material to The Map Room as often as several times a week. If you don’t want to miss anything, you should subscribe to the email digest or the RSS feed, or follow The Map Room on social media.

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The easiest way is to sign up for The Map Room’s weekly email digest. It will mostly come out on Fridays (if I’ve posted that week) and consist of a chatty summary of the past week’s posts. There may also be occasional announcements at other times.

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The email digest is powered by my internet service provider’s announcement list tool. It’s very old school and a bit less easy to use than a third-party email marketing service, and does have some quirks, but it’s far better, I think, on the privacy front:

  • It’s just plain text: no formatting, images or tracking pixels.
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  • I don’t even ask for your name.

(Also see my privacy policy.)

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The Map Room’s RSS feed is available for those who prefer getting updates via an RSS newsreader app. (I recommend NetNewsWire on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, but there are plenty of others out there. If you miss Google Reader, seek one of them out.)

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You can also follow The Map Room on social media. New blog posts are automatically reposted to the following social media accounts:

The problem with social media is that their algorithms don’t always let you see what you’ve subscribed to. And they seem particularly keen on deemphasizing posts that link to outside sites like this one: a typical Facebook post reaches, at best, about five percent of my Facebook followers, and Twitter is even worse. If you really don’t want to miss anything, your best bet is to subscribe to the email digest or the RSS feed.