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The Map Room is always looking for new and interesting websites about maps. Use the form below to submit them. (To contact me, use this form.) But before you submit your link, keep the following in mind:

  • Attribution. I won’t post unattributed maps. If a map is making the social media rounds, I need to know where it originated and who created it before I can consider posting it here.
  • Keep it current. I’m much more interested in newer web pages than I am in older ones.
  • Search before submitting. I won’t post what I’ve already posted.
  • A note on self-promotion: If you’re promoting your own website or product, that’s fine, but I’ll be selective about what I post. Your link has to be of interest to a non-professional audience, even if they don’t buy your product. Bottom line, there has to be something of interest beyond your commercial self-interest. Be newsworthy; I don’t provide free advertising.
  • This form is spam-filtered. Don’t bother spamming me; Akismet is watching.