The Bunting Quest

bunting-questAustralian writer Steven Marcuson’s novel, The Bunting Quest, uses a 1581 world map by Heinrich Bünting, and the appearance thereon of what appears to be the west coast of Australia decades before its discovery, as a plot McGuffin: “Nick Lawrance, an antique map dealer, is shocked to find his gallery has been burgled. However, this isn’t an ordinary robbery: the thieves have ignored priceless maps and have only taken Bunting’s World Map. All of a sudden, Nick is thrown into a four-hundred-year religious mystery where strange people around him will do anything for this map … even kill for it. Nick has to figure out why, before it’s too late.” Available in Australia from Hybrid Publishers and for the Kindle and iBooks worldwide. [WMS]

Author: Jonathan Crowe

Jonathan Crowe blogs about maps at The Map Room. His essays and reviews have been published by AE, Calafia, The New York Review of Science Fiction, the Ottawa Citizen, Strange Horizons and He lives in Shawville, Quebec.