Typographic Maps

Janne Aukia’s World of Adjectives

Janne Aukia's world of Google

Links to typographic maps of one sort or another — and it turns out that there is more than one sort — continue to come out of the woodwork, in numbers sufficient to warrant their own category. The latest comes from Janne Aukia, who writes with links to two word maps of the world he made a couple of years ago. Each is a map of the world made up of phrases describing cities, with colours and font sizes matching population size. One is “a map with Google search matches that are of the format ‘is * for its,’ such as ‘Helsinki is * for its’” (above); the other is of adjectives describing cities on Wikitravel. Janne describes the maps on his blog, here and here (in Finnish, but Google Translate isn’t bad).

Andy Proehl’s Typographic Maps

Mississippi River TypeMap Nile River TypeMap

The typographic maps keep coming. Andy Proehl writes to share a link to a set of typographic maps he’s been working on in his off hours. “I have a bunch more in mind and am working towards a complete series,” he says. At right: maps of the Mississippi and Nile rivers.

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More Typographic Maps

Spatial Analysis’s roundup of typographical maps — that is, maps made entirely of textual elements — includes Axis Maps’s typographic map of San Francisco (above) and Stephen Walter’s incredible hand-drawn map of Liverpool. Via @worldmapper. Previously: Typographic Maps of…  •  Continue reading this entry.