250 Years of Pittsburgh Maps

Pittsburg and Allegheny (1895)

A collection of maps of Pittsburgh on the occasion of that city’s 250th anniversary. “This selection of maps and views presents a history of the city and region from [1758] to near the present; some can be seen on other pages of this website. There are few earlier large scale maps of the region because there was nothing there of interest. The earliest regional map appears to be the manuscript Mercer’s Map (#1753.1) and there are a few manuscript maps of Fort Duquesne built 1754-55, see the 1750s pages for the existing maps.” Via MapHist and Map the Universe.

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Pittsburgh GPS Review

“GPS units are like friends with personality quirks that sometimes can be hard to figure,” writes Bob Karlovits in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “They know all the answers. They are insistent on telling you them. They never admit to being wrong.” Karlovits goes on to review four navigation systems based on their ability to manage the local road network. “We wanted to look at how reliable their method of navigation is in Western Pennsylvania, where rolling hills can make places virtually hidden, roads have emerged from cow paths, and sets of steps are ordained as streets.”

Historic Pittsburgh Map Collection

Flood commission map for Pittsburgh Historic Pittsburgh is a site featuring documents, maps and books from the University of Pittsburgh and other Pittsburgh-area collections. Their Map Collections section has four large series of map scans available:

The total is over 1,300 plates (mostly from the Hopkins collection). Thanks to peacay for the links.