Big Map Blog

Big Map Blog is, well, a new map blog. The curator explains the premise behind it: “there’s always been two things I wanted from a map blog, and rarely got: A.) enormous maps, and B.) access to the full-resolution file. That’s what this website is about. Enormous maps, file access, and if I can bang out a couple of paragraphs without sounding like an ass, then all the better.”

New Blog: Mapping London

Mapping London is a new blog by James Cheshire and Oliver O’Brien, whose work we’ve seen before. Here’s how James announced it on his own blog: “Oliver O’Brien and I have decided to team up to launch the blog for people who like to see maps of London without the techie blurb/ code you often see here. This is timely as there are some fantastic London mapping events in the pipeline (stay tuned) that I know will spread the good word about the geography and cartography of this great city.”

Map of the Week Blog

The Toronto Star’s Map of the Week blog went dark last July, but another Map of the Week blog has been trucking along since 2005 2007 . Via @awoodruff….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two More Blogs

Old-Map-Blog posts scans from the author’s collection of antique maps; so far they seem mainly to be from German-language atlas plates. GPSFix focuses on Garmin’s outdoor GPS receivers….  •  Continue reading this entry.


If you’re familiar with the phenomenon of the so-called “fuck-yeah” tumblelog (see also Slate), you will not be surprised to know of the existence of Fuck Yeah Cartography (via)….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Three More Blogs

Thierry Gregorius’s Georeferenced and Teresa Baldwin’s have just gotten started; it’ll be interesting to see where these two new blogs go from here. The unofficial Bing Maps Watch has been around for a few months….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Comic Book Cartography

Comic Book Cartography collects maps and diagrams from comic books — more the latter (e.g., cutaways of superheroes’ headquarters) than the former so far. Via Boing Boing, among others. At right: Jack Kirby’s World of Kamandi. Previously: The Marvel…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two More Blogs

Geocurrents, a blog “based on the proposition that geographical knowledge can greatly enhance our understanding of current events” (submitted by Samuel Franco). GIS in Education and Curriculum Integration (via Jesse)….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two More Blogs

Two more map blogs have come to my attention recently: the new ArcGIS Data Blog and El mundo de los mapas, a Spanish-language blog that has been around somewhat longer….  •  Continue reading this entry.

World Freedom Atlas

The World Freedom Atlas is a project by cartographer Zachary Forest Johnson (who also has a blog). The Atlas combines a number of datasets from non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations that attempt to measure human rights, freedom, democracy and all…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Cartastrophe, a Blog About Bad Maps

Cartastrophe is a blog by Daniel Huffman that critiques bad maps: There are a lot of bad maps out there. They lurk in brochures, on company websites, and in magazines. They confuse, they miscommunicate, and they make it hard to…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Ohio Is a Piano

I don’t think I’ve encountered Andy Woodruff’s Cartogrammar blog before, but his latest entry, about his latest project, is a beaut: “Last month, as I was driving through Ohio,” he writes, “it dawned on me: There are 88 counties…  •  Continue reading this entry.


Kevin Brown of Geographicus writes, “I am a generalist antique map dealer specializing in rare maps from the 15th through the 19th centuries. As a sideline I have also started a map blog on cartographic anomalies, current map-related events, and…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Another Blog Roundup

Changes afoot in the map blogging world: Using Google Earth is being folded into Google LatLong. After four years at Flickr, doing (and posting about) a lot of Flickr’s map- and geotagging-related stuff, Rev Dan Catt is moving on. Briefly…  •  Continue reading this entry.

The Bartholomew Archive

The Bartholomew Archive at the National Library of Scotland contains the business records, publications, working maps and printing plates of John Bartholomew & Son Ltd., the Edinburgh mapmaking firm. The Archive is still a work in progress: the Library is…  •  Continue reading this entry.


David Mumford writes to point to Roger Pountain’s curious story of a map his son created on the unfinished wall of their kitchen: I had found my oldest son Alistair (25) up a ladder with a felt-tip marker and…  •  Continue reading this entry.

The Map Scroll

More competition (always welcome) in the form of The Map Scroll, a new blog about maps that started in January that has, as its goal, “one new bitchin map every goddamn day.” I look forward to us stealing each other’s…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Geotagging Comes to Blogger

Photos aren’t the only things that can be geotagged; blog entries can, too. (So can just about any discrete piece of information, for that matter; don’t be so un-2.0.) Anyway, Blogger has added geotagging to its “Blogger in Draft” interface…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Map Blog Update

Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local Search is self-explanatory. Renalid is dead; Renaud Euvrard is now collaborating with Audrey Malherbe at their new blog, GeoInWeb (en français, bien sûr). GIS Pathway is a site — it has an RSS…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Top Mapping Blogs

It seems as though every other map blogger has offered their opinion on Sean’s list of top 25 37 blogs in GIS and cartography, so here is my two cents’ worth: Instruments like Alexa and Technorati are blunt, and measure…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Maps That Matter

Maps That Matter, a blog by the University of Manchester’s Martin Dodge and Chris Perkins, looks at influential maps and diagrams: classics of design, significant milestones in terms of cartography or information, that sort of thing. Via Catholicgauze….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Map Hawk

Map Hawk, a side project by Directions Media’s Joe Francica, is a blog that “will cover the use of maps, mapping technology and location-based information in the media”; topics so far include the U.S. elections, the recent Russia-Georgia crisis, and…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Razón Cartografica

Razón Cartografica’s aim is to promote the history of geography and cartography in Colombia and Latin America. The first issue of its bulletin is here; there’s also a blog. In Spanish, of course, so I can’t say much more about…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two Blogs

The Toronto Star has a map blog, the main content of which is a map of the week feature and which anchors the Star’s online mapping efforts. Thanks to Richard for the link. Chris Watson wrote to tell us…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Link Roundup: Mid-July Edition

Facebook app whereyougonnabe? gets an upgrade focusing on integration with other platforms (previously). Diana Eid takes a look at map art, focusing on three artists we’ve seen before: Matthew Cusick, Elisabeth Lecourt and Susan Stockwell (via GeoCarta). On the…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Three Blogs

Google Earth Design has been around for more than a year, but I’ve apparently missed it until now; the subject of good map design within Google Earth seems a laudable one. Ryan Strynatka writes about his blog, The Fiducial…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Blog Milestones

MetaCarta has a blog. “As you can tell by its name, this is a corporate sponsored blog. That said, the goal of the blog is to open up discussion on a wide-range of geography-related issues — not to be…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two More Blogs and a Directory Update

Two new mapping-related blogs, both kind of technical: Spatial Ed by Ed Katibah, the spatial project manager for Microsoft’s SQL Server (via James). The Thematic Mapping Blog, the stated purpose of which is “to elaborate ideas of how geobrowsers and…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Daily Maps

National Geographic’s Map of the Day site provides (in a vein similar to that of NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, which it is strongly reminiscent of) a map along with a brief description every weekday (more or less). Maps…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Blogs into Books

First came the BibliOdyssey book, a dead-tree compilation based on our friend PK’s excellent blog about archival images (some of which are maps, so I have no qualms about mentioning either blog or book; here’s the Amazon link for the…  •  Continue reading this entry.

You Are Here, Hon

You Are Here, Hon is a new map blog by someone going by the name of Her Majesty of Maps. With names like that, this could turn out to be interesting….  •  Continue reading this entry.

TOPO! Hacker

TOPO! Hacker is a relatively new, unofficial blog about messing around with National Geographic’s TOPO! software. Via GPS Tracklog….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two More Blogs

Mad props to two new blogs: Jamie’s Cartophilia, a blog from an enthusiast’s, rather than a professional’s perspective (which sounds oddly familiar); and Richard’s Tech Reviews, a spin-off of his Science Library Pad, which despite its name had quite a…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Maps and More

Joost Depuydt’s new blog, Maps and More, seems to be taking a turn towards maps in advertising and graphic design so far….  •  Continue reading this entry.

The Electoral Map

Speaking of election maps, The Electoral Map is a relatively new blog that’s all about them (at least within an American context). What I find interesting is that the maps featured on this blog are definitely about elections and politics,…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Blog URL Changes

Stefan reports that Google Karten has moved to The ESRI Support Center blog has moved to….  •  Continue reading this entry.

MapQuest Beta and Blog

MapQuest — still the ostensible market leader in online mapping, apparently — has taken some steps to catch up with its upstart rivals. Its new blog — yes, MapQuest now has a blog — begins with a post announcing…  •  Continue reading this entry.


Krygier and Wood are also involved, as two of several authors, in another cartography blog, CartoBlog, which seems to flow from the CartoTalk forum. The most recent entry, Allelopathic Maps and Google’s “My Maps”, is a good one: it argues…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Slashgeo Closes Down

Unfortunately, Slashgeo is closing down, for an all too common reason: too much work to do in Alex’s spare time. Too few people who shared his enthusiasm for the project. And, though he doesn’t say it explicitly, for too little…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Map Blog Update

Leszek reports that his Free GeoTools blog is moving to a new URL — — and a new name: Free Geography Tools. Via Catholicgauze, the Infonaut Blog, from a company that does map-based medical IT stuff. Given all that…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Three More Blogs

Update your RSS readers — here are three more blogs for you: Le blogue du LFG by Henri Willox; in French; an interest in Google mapping stuff. Digital Earth Blog by Mickey Mellen; foci include Google Earth and Maps, Virtual…  •  Continue reading this entry.

GeoPress for Movable Type

Still with Where 2.0. GeoPressMT, a Movable Type version of the GeoPress plugin, previously WordPress only (see previous entry), was also announced today. It enables embedding geographic information in posts (especially their RSS feeds) and adding maps….  •  Continue reading this entry.


RenaLId, which I referred to earlier today, is a French blog by Renaud Euvrard; it’s been focusing mainly on online maps, with an understandable amount of recent coverage of the French presidential elections. (I can’t explain the caps in the…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Planet Geospatial, Planet OSGeo

James reports that he’s pushed out an improved version of Planet Geospatial, the geospatial blog aggregator, that should be a bit less wonky in its operation. Meanwhile, Christopher Schmidt decided that Planet Geospatial wasn’t for him, not only because of…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Three More Blogs; Directory Update

First, three more map/geospatial blogs for you: Free GeoTools by Leszek Pawlowicz, which started in January; points to (mostly Windows) software tools and data sources; covers quite a bit of ground, actually. Hablandodesigs by Juan Manuel Uribe Medina, a Mexican…  •  Continue reading this entry.

A Tip of the Hat to Strange Maps

Strange Maps launched last September and first came to my attention in October. Since then it’s generated all kinds of buzz in the blogging world, establishing itself as a map blog with serious crossover appeal. I’ve been delighted to see…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two Geospatial Industry Blogs

Two new blogs from the geospatial industry: ESRI Support Center News (via James, who notes that it “seems to be in a holding pattern”); and MapInfo’s Location Intelligence Blog (via All Points Blog)….  •  Continue reading this entry.


Nat Case writes, “I’ve recently started a blog on the ontology of maps (and other stuff that comes to mind). I’m a cartographer, head of production for Hedberg Maps and this blog is an outgrowth of 15+ years of talking…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two Blogs I Missed

Two more blogs to tell you about, though they’ve been around long enough that I should have spotted them sooner. I linked to a page on High Earth Orbit’s site before, but since then Andrew Turner has added a blog…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two More Blogs

Stefan has discovered two brand-spanking-new blogs that have started up this very month: the Google Earth Hacks blog accompanies the site of the same name; is a GIS blog with an interest in earth sciences and remote sensing. Previously:…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two Reactivated Map Blogs

I’m pleased to see the return of two blogs I’d given up for dead: Roger Hart’s GeoCarta and Antal Guszlev’s Térképes Egoblog (in Hungarian). Back in the directory with you both….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Best of Geospatial 2006

Sean Gillies has compiled a list of the best of the geospatial community and blogosphere for 2006. I can’t really add to it (though I’m listed) because I’m not really a member of that community, just an imperfect observer. If…  •  Continue reading this entry.

University of Chicago Press Blog

The University of Chicago Press has a blog that talks up their books; of interest to us is the Cartography and Geography category, where you can find links to reviews and discussions of such books as Mark Monmonier’s From Squaw…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Tanto: Italian Map Blog

Andrea Borruso writes to tell us about his blog about cartography, GIS and other subjects; since it’s in Italian, I can’t say much about it, but I can at the very least point it out to you….  •  Continue reading this entry.

A Reader’s Guide to Geoblogs

Directions tries to makes sense of the rather large geospatial and mapping blogosphere with A Reader’s Guide to Geoblogs. It says something about your perspective, though, if maps, “paper and otherwise,” are considered a special interest while ESRI and Autodesk…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Charpentier’s GeoData Blog

GeoData Blog is a French-language blog about geospatial data by Christophe Charpentier (who’s spent more than six years working on Cartosphère). Up and running since March, but really taking off in the last two months. Via Catholicgauze….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Garmin Store Opening in Chicago

Engadget covers this weekend’s opening of Garmin’s flagship retail store in Chicago, with plenty of photos to stimulate those who would find an upscale store dedicated to GPS products stimulating. Also points to Garmin’s corporate blog, which I don’t think…  •  Continue reading this entry.


Platial has introduced MapKit, which integrates their service, built atop the Google Maps API, into your web page or blog (though there seem to be issues with certain blogging engines, including WordPress and Blogger). It looks profoundly easy to…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Cartography’s Last Post

A year ago, if you had asked me which mapping blogs were my favourites (and my greatest competition), I would have said, with little hesitation, Cartography, the Canadian Cartographic Association blog run by Paul Heersink, and GeoCarta, by surveyor Roger…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Google Blogs Google Earth

Google itself is getting into the Google Earth blogging action, but Using Google Earth is a bit more basic, more introductory in its coverage than Stefan and Frank are. It’s written by Google Earth team member John Gardiner. Via Ogle…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Free GIS Data GeoBlog

Free GIS Data GeoBlog points to GIS data available for free online; it’s another project by Glenn Letham, whom we’ve heard of before: he’s also behind Anything Geospatial and, among other things. Via Cartography and GPS Tracklog….  •  Continue reading this entry.

GeoPress, a WordPress Plugin

GeoPress “is a WordPress plugin that allows users to quickly and easily embed location information in blog posts.” Via O’Reilly Radar, which covers it in some detail. See previous entry: Google Maps WordPress Plugins….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Cartography Blog Seeks Bloggers

An upcoming employment change is forcing Paul to scale back from blogging at Cartography, the Canadian Cartographic Association’s blog, so he’s looking for one or more people to share in the blogging duties. Bloggers should be CCA members — this…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Map the Universe

Blogs about antique maps, rather than the geospatial industry, are few and far between, but a new blog about antique maps and map collecting, plus the usual gamut of general subjects, started last month, with an eerily similar premise: Map…  •  Continue reading this entry.


QGIS, an open-source, multiplatform GIS application, has a blog by its developers. Via James Fee, who’s been covering QGIS for a while….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Blog Roundup

Glenn is moving Anything Geospatial back to BlogSpot (see previous entry); if you’re accessing it via (see previous entry) the changeover will be automatic, though you may want to update any RSS subscriptions. Recent first-year blog anniversaries for, and…  •  Continue reading this entry.

New(ish) Mapping Blogs

Map GIS News Blog for UK, Europe and World Maps is a relatively new general-interest mapping blog with an emphasis on British topics and a really unwieldy name. GIS Dirtbag is probably the closest thing the mapping blogosphere has to…  •  Continue reading this entry.


The MTGoogleMaps Movable Type plugin (now at version 4.0) has some competition, kind of: MTMaps, now at version 0.6, which also uses Google Maps. Developer Patrick Calahan writes, “MTMaps is different from other map plugins in that it associates map…  •  Continue reading this entry.

ESRI Blog: Geography Matters

Via James and Glenn, I discover ESRI’s new public (and possibly collaborative) blog about the GIS industry, Geography Matters. Still in its early stages; ought to be interesting to see how it develops….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Cartography Turns One

Blog anniversaries are breaking out all over; I guess a lot of mapping blogs had their start in 2005, and those that have stuck it out for long enough are now able to mark their first-year milestones. Cartography turned one…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Mapping Blog Address Changes

A couple of address changes to tell you about. Glen reports that his new Anything Geospatial blog (previous entry) can be reached from the easier-to-remember URL of On a similar note, James has moved Planet Geospatial, his geospatial blog…  •  Continue reading this entry.


Claus Moser has begun a German-language map blog: Kartentisch: Die Welt ist ein Atlas. This looks promising and I will keep an eye on it, my badly atrophied and rudimentary German notwithstanding….  •  Continue reading this entry.

2006 Bloggies: I Have No Shame

Nominations for the 2006 Bloggies — the sixth annual weblog awards — are now open, and close on the 10th. Since I have neither shame nor subtlely, may I do what every other attention-whoring blogger does at this time of…  •  Continue reading this entry.

La Cartoteca

La Cartoteca is a Spanish-language blog about maps and geography by Alejandro Polanco Masa. I’m always interested in hearing about mapping blogs in languages other than English, even if I can’t understand them myself (I read and speak French, and…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Google Maps WordPress Plugins

The WordPress Geo plugin allows bloggers using WordPress to specify a default location for their blog and assign geographic coordinates to specific posts. Dylan Kuhn takes this one step further with his Geo Mashup plugin, which takes that geographic data…  •  Continue reading this entry.

USGS Insiders’ Blog

Topo Employees is an insiders’ blog by and for employees of the USGS national mapping program; presumably recent controversies about outsourcing maps and relocating their headquarters are fuelling a certain amount of disgruntlement above and beyound what is normal for…  •  Continue reading this entry.

A Few More Blogs

A few more mapping-related blogs to tell you about, with still more to come. Most mapping blogs approach it from the GIS pro’s perspective; First Printing’s perspective is also professional — but it’s from a company dealing in antique maps…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Planet Geospatial

Planet Geospatial, by Spatially Adjusted’s James Fee, aggregates GIS, mapping and related blogs (including this one) into a single page. It’s a fine idea, and I’m happy to be along for the ride. (Believe it or not, I thought about…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Seven More Mapping Blogs

More mapping, cartography and geospatial blogs to go up on the sidebar: Darren Cope’s Blog — Darren’s a recent geography grad from the University of Waterloo. (Oddly enough, Mike from Google Maps Mania is from Waterloo, and I did my…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Spatially Adjusted

Another blog to tell you about, and I can’t believe I missed reporting this one earlier: Spatially Adjusted, a GIS blog by James Fee, with a lot of stuff on ESRI and other software….  •  Continue reading this entry.


Back when I started The Map Room, map blogs were few and far between; nowadays I’m learning about new blogs all the time. The most recent one I’ve stumbled across is Roger Hart’s GeoCarta, which he describes as “a blog…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Cartography: CCA Blog

Cartography is the blog of (or for) the Canadian Cartographic Association; it’s also good reading for “other individuals interested in all things cartographic,” writes Paul Heersink, who submitted this link. It’s been running since April; its choice of topics has…  •  Continue reading this entry.

New URL for All Points Blog

Directions magazine’s All Points Blog launched last February, and it’s become one of the best mapping blogs out there. I guess they could be considered the competition, in terms of us both being advertising-supported blogs, but we’re serving different niches:…  •  Continue reading this entry.


Possibly the strangest way I’ve yet had a link submitted is via someone’s comment in the reader survey: “Excellent reading. Combines well with” Hold the phone — I hadn’t actually heard of (Insert Jon Stewart going “whaaaaa?” all…  •  Continue reading this entry.


My coverage of GPS stuff is paltry at best, but gadget blog Engadget has a dedicated GPS section (RSS feed) that I’ll be keeping an eye on, to learn more about the subject….  •  Continue reading this entry.


GeoPDF looks like the company blog of Layton Graphics, which puts out (pricey) software that adds georeferencing to PDF files. The blog, which started this month, naturally covers their stuff, but also has a few more general map entries. Atom…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Mapping Hacks

Mapping Hacks, forthcoming from O’Reilly, isn’t just a book of tips on everything from using mapping sites to using a GPS to building your own maps (see the table of contents), it’s also a blog. I must confess to being…  •  Continue reading this entry.

Two Ways to Geocode Your Blog

“Geocoding” is adding latitude/longitude data to something to indicate its physical location — for example, geocoding a digital photograph so you can pinpoint where it was taken, or geocoding your blog so that people can know where you’re blogging from….  •  Continue reading this entry.

Urban Cartography

A new blog, Urban Cartography, “dedicated to covering cartography and related subjects: urban planning, land use, imaging, GIS technology, urban studies and anything else that fits under the umbrella,” is now up and running. It apparently went live today, so…  •  Continue reading this entry.